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What do you receive from LetterNotePlayer?”


      First of all, we charge NOTHING for our .pdf files.

      We don’t make you “Sign In” – granting entrance to our website.

      Our Goal is to help you play songs - not sell tee shirts, sweatshirts or bumper stickers with our logo imprinted.

      We try to put up a variety of tunes – while meeting requests.

      We have elected to NOT put ads on our YouTube videos – increasing the valuable instruction time rather than trying to make money.  (Once in a while, YouTube - noting copyright issues - puts up ads because our LetterNotes are too similar to the original ~ we make nothing off of these ads!)

      We make our “listing of songs” – VISIBLE, rather than hiding them within a “folded up menu” – that way you may spot a song that you’ve wanted to play, but had forgotten to look for it!  There’s a – “Method To Our Madness” :^)

      We appreciate comments sent through the website or YouTube Videos – we’ve listened to those comments and oftentimes, added a slower version, easier 1-note bass, or put up a different key, etc.


So . . . How can YOU support LetterNotePlayer?


      We have designed our website to include “relevant ads” on our pages from several different companies including Amazon, Admedia and recently OxaMedia.  When you make a purchase, we receive a “VERY small commission”.  In the past year, we have received approximately $20 every five months.  When you are going to make a purchase anyway, from one our advertisers, this would be a way of adding your support without “costing” you anything. 

      We aren’t getting RICH from this website – but, that has NEVER been our objective!  However, we have had MANY of you ask to send us $$ for our endeavors – we are not going in that direction, but if you plan on ORDERING anything from the Internet – please consider clicking on one of our ads!

      With the Holidays coming, this would be a great time to make those purchases by clicking on an ad or searching for an item through one of the “search boxes” -- you not only get what you want, but we can also BENEFIT from your purchase!


LetterNotePlayer Thanks You for your Support –

Financial & by “Word of Mouth”!


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